Our goal at RMN Consultants is to make selling your dental practice a rewarding experience in several different ways. For some dentists, selling is a way to fund retirement. Others sell their practices, but maintain control until a specified date in the future. Many dentists sell all or part of their practices and then stay on in some capacity for a period of time.

Pre-Retirement Sale

In our experience at RMN Consultants, one of the most popular ways to sell a practice, particularly for practitioners not ready to stop working, is a Pre-Retirement Sale. In this model, you sell your practice to a qualified buyer while your practice is at its greatest value. You relinquish responsibility for day-to-day management, while still working in the practice as an associate. This allows you to reduce your time commitment, often without diminishing your income. You can also use this time to introduce your patients to the new owner of your practice.

Appraising Your Practice

Before you can sell your practice, you need to know its value. One of the services we provide at RMN Consultants is a Free Dental Practice Appraisal. Our Practice Appraisal gives you the market value based on the following properties:

  • Location
  • Specialties
  • Market comparables
  • Reputation
  • Equipment value
  • Staff stability
  • Fees and income
  • Patient mix
  • Expenses

As part of your RMN Consultants Practice Appraisal, we perform a financial analysis. We evaluate your potential for growth in all areas and factor in shifts in dental practice and technology. This knowledge informs your thinking about timing and negotiations, and helps you realize the maximum value of your practice. With an accurate appraisal in hand, you’re ready to sell your dental practice.

Finding Your Buyer

Different dentists are right for different practices. Using our extensive connections in the dental community, RMN Consultants identifies and screens potential purchasers for your practice. All prospective buyers agree in writing to complete confidentiality and are personally interviewed by RMN Consultants. Based on our knowledge of you, your practice, the pool of potential buyers, and our years of experience, we arrange visits, meetings and negotiations with the right dentist for your practice.

Buyer Financing

This is a time when you should be focused on getting the greatest value for the practice you’ve built and moving forward with your future. Finding financing to complete the sale is the buyer’s responsibility, and RMN Consultants can help a potential buyer obtain all necessary funds. Through our connections with financial institutions, we can assist buyers in arranging 100%+ financing for the purchase of your practice, selling your accounts receivables, and working capital, if necessary.

Negotiating the Best Deal

In the best negotiations, both buyer and seller walk away happy. RMN Consultants is dedicated to forging the deal that benefits you most while giving the buyer of your practice what he or she is seeking. We are available to answer questions, communicate offers and counters, and help you reach a favorable closing agreement. We provide contracts and agreements for review by both parties. And we work hand-in-hand with all attorneys and accountants from first meeting to final signature.

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