Upper Manhattan Medicaid and insurance storefront practice grossing 610K

  • Location: Upper Manhattan
  • Gross: 610K
  • Ops: 5
  • Status: NEW

610K gross mixed insurance and Medicaid practice located in storefront office directly across the street from New York- Presbyterian Hospital. Office is equipped with 5 operatories and digital x-rays. Practice is open 3 days per week and is extremely busy. All endo is referred out of the office. Asking $405K.

Upper East Side prosthodontic practice grossing 410K

  • Location: Manhattan
  • Gross: 410K
  • Ops: 3
  • Status: Sale Pending

410K gross FFS long established prosthodontic ground level practice. The office is equipped with 3 operatories situated in 850sq.ft space on the Upper East Side. Rent is only $5,200 per month. Practice has over 450 active patients and seller refers out most specialty work. Office is computerized and equipped with digital x-rays. The seller would like to relocate out of state. Asking 375K


Eastern Queens dental practice grossing 700K

  • Location: Eastern Queens
  • Gross: 700K
  • Ops: 3
  • Status: Now Available

700K gross long established mixed insurance and private practice with over 2,000 active patients. This practice is not advertised and receives about 15 new patients per month. The office is 1,000 sq.ft. and equipped with 3 operatories. Practice is open 3.5 days and the owner nets 400K. Asking 475K.

Staten Island




Farmingdale mixed insurance practice grossing 400K

  • Location: Farmingdale
  • Gross: 400K
  • Ops: 3
  • Status: NEW

400K gross newly built mixed insurance practice. Storefront office is equipped with 3 operatories with an additional 2 plumbed. Practice is only open part time and is extremely busy. Office sees about 50 new patients per month and is completely paperless. Asking $185K

Nassau County dental practice grossing 600K

  • Location: Nassau County
  • Gross: 600K
  • Ops: 3
  • Status: Sale Pending

600K gross long established insurance and capitation practice located on a busy street. Office is 1,500 sq.ft and equipped with 3 operatories with room for an additional 2. Office is fully computerized and has digital x-rays. The seller owns the real estate and would be willing to provide a long term lease or sell outright. Practice sees about 120 patients per week and has approximately 55 new patients per month. Asking 375K




New Jersey



Rockland County